A Time to Love

Or may be a time to revive and nurture love, to get to know Love. Making a living and consuming contests have almost blinded us to see who we really are: human beings. Beings with a body, sure, but more with heart. And like body needs shelter and food, so does heart need love and passion. Needless to say why the later is more important. Indeed, all wonderful things in life are only through feelings: love, beauty, wonder, passion and so.  So why we live almost like robots? And why bad feelings overcome good feelings? why a beloved has become just a toy or a make living partner?

I haven’t feel love for someone (a girl) for a while. Mainly because of bad experiences and overwhelming endless matters of life. I have often been upset by today’s girls mindset, kind of caring only about appearance and material abundance. Of course, pearls exists, yet they are scarce.

Yet, here I am again ever looking for that girl who will recall me who I am. To you, girl, however long I stay I will always seek you, wherever I may be I will always love you.


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