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My Wishes

December 26, 2009
All My whishes

Lost in Paradise of joy

All my wishes is to be lost in a paradise of desires:

An island paradise with white sand and blue sky, with golden sun and clear water. An island plenty of beautiful girls.  I want to be 23 years old forever,

I want to smile every time the sun rise, and sit in shore to enjoy sunset with my beloved one. I want to be overwhelmed every time I see the greateness of the sea, I want to sing happy songs, drink sweet honey and eat exotique fruits.  I want to be immersed in pleasure so to never have time to worry ever.

I wish to live in a safe place, to love, enjoy and laugh.

I want summer all time, so not to remember winter sorrow tears,

I wish day light all the day, so not to recall dark night scares,

I want  to love , be loved and do only all what I love,

I want cheerful friends for companionship,  to share passions with, and see my happiness in their smiley faces.

I want to fly to feel free and see wonders everywhere.

Above all, I want to live and experience not to dream.