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10 Lessons I’m Forever Relearning

September 7, 2010

The idea of this post is in response to another blog post I have just read:

I like when she, the author, said “relearning”, because human forget easily and “repetition (relearning in our case) is the mother of all skills”,  as the famous saying tells. Here are the 10 lessons that I will never learn enough:

1- Start from the end or “Start with end in mind”, as said by Stephan Covey.

2- God exists and have created you and the whole world surrounding. So, when looking and giving your own meanings in life, everyday, don’t forget the meaning given by your creator … [a little bit difficult to grasp if you’re not spiritual].

3- “Fish discover water.” Don’t disbelieve in what you don’t need evidence for.

4- Life is short, unique and invaluable. Why you waste time and get bored?

5- The best you have ever learned are what you learned by yourself, systematically without effort.

6- “Happiness only real when shared” (Christopher McCandless) {family, friends,…]

7- “Doesn’t matter where you come from, what only matters is where you are going to” … [the fear of the unknown, or you’re worth what you’re standing for.]

8- About time: “Past is dreams, future is hope to be still alive and wishes, and present time is lost between.” (Ibn-quaym) “I don’t think of the future, it comes soon enough” (Albert Einstein).

9- You’re living your own life, you’re not an unconscious imitating movie character.

10- Ignorance is exactly forgetting what you pretend to know at the moment of action.

Sorry for the quotes, sometimes they are better than original statements.


My life journey by quotes

January 31, 2010

Life is a journey unlike school; you first do the test,  then you learn the lesson. In spite of the saying: “Life is short to try everything. Learn from experts”, the best things I learned from the following quotes are not after reading and complying but after doing mistakes and sometimes after doing the opposite.
Here some wisdom quotes that describe my journey through life:

” There is no expedient the average man will not go for to avoid the hard labor of thinking”
— Thomas elva Edison

” If you’re hot your hot. If you’re not you’re not”

”In the absence of clearly defined goals we become strangely committed to daily trivia until, ultimately, we become enslaved by it”.
— ?? (i forget it)

” arrivant au but, on manque tout le reste”
–proverbe japonais.

” Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want”

”Nothing is, but thinking make it so”
— Shakespears

” Insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over again and expecting a different result”
— Albert Einstein