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Love at first sight

August 28, 2010

Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional woman?   I do. I have read in “Tawk el-hamam” (“Collier de la Colombe”) Ibn-hazm saying that it was possible to even fall in love in dreams and still be after wake up. Take a look to the following young girl (on right).

This is a picture of a young peasant girl in mountain with a stick in her hand and the herd (cows or bulls) behind grazing. Actually, this is a painting of William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) titled The Shepherdess (1889). It means a pastoral girl who is seduced by a knight and refuses or accepts. The girl on picture was posing for the painter (not fictional).

What attract me on this wonderful young girl is her kind (mind) appearance, modest clothes and her noble work: herd keeper (a prophets’ occupation). Maybe this girl is helping her family or enjoying a passion. I guess she is healthier to live in countryside and has sane feelings, sensitivity and nature-inspired imagination and sense of beauty. Educated? maybe at home. I don’t know if there was homeschooling in France in nineteen century?
Nevertheless, our girl may learned women tradition at home and outside. Back over to simple life: land work, more contact with nature. This means something to me. At least, I could try it as hobby while keeping minimum modern life style. Or would you say staying confined in a crowded city and 8-hours office work is better?